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I'm making a tile based game, and I'm working for support of tilesets. I'm trying to make it so that a Texture2D is set as a chosen PNG file. I can do this with no problem f I load the image into the content pipeline, but the level editor will be used by people without access to the content pipeline. How do I go about doing this?

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You can call the Texture2D.FromStream static method. Just pass it a stream to the png file. I'm pretty sure it works without the content pipeline.

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A bit late for Raj but for anyone else...

        string PictureLocation = @"D:\PictureName.png";
        Texture2D Newtexture =  LoadPicture(PictureLocation);

        string PictureDestination = @"D:\NewPictureName.png";
        SavePicture(PictureDestination, Newtexture);

    public static Texture2D LoadPicture(string Filename)
        FileStream setStream = File.Open(Filename, FileMode.Open);
        StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(setStream);
        Texture2D NewTexture = Texture2D.FromStream(graphicsDevice, setStream);
        return NewTexture;

    public static void SavePicture(string Filename, Texture2D TextureToSave)
        FileStream setStream = File.Open(Filename, FileMode.Create);
        StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(setStream);
        TextureToSave.SaveAsPng(setStream, TextureToSave.Width, TextureToSave.Height);

Reading in and saving in a new location for PNG and JPEG (I think they are the only supported, but that should be good enough :).

Hope this helps anybody else with a similar problem. Stoort.

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