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I just posted this question over at the the OGRE 3D forums, and I wanted to post it here as well.

I'm a newbie here, just found that OGRE is an amazing engine for 3d programming.

Using the Entity class it's easy to load a static model which was exported via some kind of 3ds max plugin.

But I did't read the source-code of OGRE Because I'm not familar with it, and I just got started with OGRE a couple days ago.

So the question is: Does anyone know if I can load a OGRE mesh via d3d?

Or has anyone been doing something using the OgreEntity.h and split it out into a separate class which can directly be used in raw direct3d?

I would appreciate if anyone could share some information about the OGRE mesh file format.

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The easiest way is probably to just export the model in a direct3d compatible format? Or convert the existing .mesh file.

If you really want to use the OGRE mesh format and load that outside of OGRE, your best bet would be to write your own deserializer. You could use the MeshSerializer as a starting-point.

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