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Where can I find 3d models of equipment for supermarket? I will use them in XNA.

UPD. I need equipment like this without products.

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Voted to close as too localized. I can see 'where can I find 3D models of people' as a valid question, but supermarket equipment seems very niche-like. – The Communist Duck May 15 '11 at 9:13

You could try

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first of all, i don't know any particular website for this, but i can help you out.

What file types does you current 3d environment support? search Google sketch-up library online, it has lots of 3d models.

if you found what you need, then check if you 3d apps file type is supported in Google sketch-up.

if yes download Google sketch-up, download the model from Google site and do the conversion manually.

the reason i suggest this is that Google sketch-up has lots of models you can download free, depending on the owners terms.

if you have any problem converting, let me know i have done lots of conversion like these when doing 3d games

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