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a game framework by Microsoft that allows deployment for Xbox Live Indie Games as well as Windows Phone 7.
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a graphics standard and API which targets the desktop and workstation markets. It is designed to be easy to accelerate with dedicated computer hardware, and hence most implementations give g…
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a multiparadigm, managed, garbage-collected, object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft in conjunction with the .NET platform.
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a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose programming language.
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both a popular programming language and runtime environment which allows Java programs to run unchanged on most hardware and software platforms.
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drawn in a two-dimensional space using two-dimensional objects. To represent its position, each game object will have an `x` and a `y` coordinate.
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Operating system for mobile devices. For non-developer questions, see http://android.stackexchange.com
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a highly cross-platform engine that focuses on easy art pipeline process and uses Mono as its scripting back end.
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The determination of whether or not two or more entities make contact with each other during gameplay.
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Refers to games or art assets built in a three-dimensional space, where all positions have X, Y and Z coordinates.
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the practice of creating and balancing systems and the mechanics which the player uses to affect those systems. This is not to be used for programming questions about the "design" of f…
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Mathematics questions deal with the arithmetic, geometry, calculus, formulae and other calculations used in the development of a game.
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Relating to the motion of objects through space and time. Including concepts such as acceleration (thrust and gravity), mass, collision response, friction and more.
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a collection of libraries and tools that provide a framework to create games.
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A bitmap (raster image) used in a texture mapping process.
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Engine-design related questions. How code is structured.
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a computer program that runs on graphics hardware and provides a high degree of control over how scenes are rendered
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a programming environment that allows you to use Visual Studio to create games for Windows Phone, the Xbox 360 console, and Windows-based computers.
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a set of multimedia APIs from Microsoft aimed primarily at game developers. Popular APIs within the DirectX collection include Direct3D, XInput, and XAudio.
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A very generic term referring to visual part of a game. Thus try to avoid unrelevant usage and instead tag for specific grapics type (2D, 3D), API, framework or a library you are using if possible.
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a prototype-based scripting language that is dynamic, weakly typed and has first-class functions. It is a multi-paradigm language, supporting object-oriented,…
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used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning. More precisely, an algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculati…
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A game library which enables cross-platform game development in Java, with support for Android development and desktop development. It makes use of OpenGL for portability.
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The simulation of an in-game entity's motion, such as running or sitting or striking.
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A 2D rendering of an object in space.
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The process of generating an image or series of images from a model by means of computer programming.
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an open-source rigid-body 2D physics simulation library for games, written in C++.
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an operating system for mobile devices created by Apple Inc. It runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs.
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The design and/or logic of how an in-game entity makes decisions about its behavior.
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A programming language for OpenGL shaders.
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viewed from a camera, which is the viewpoint from which the game world is observed from.
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Subset of the OpenGL 3D graphics API designed for embedded devices such as mobile phones.
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Two or more computers connected together via cable bound or wireless communication links for the purpose of information exchange.
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Patterns of identical shapes (often squares or hexagons) that have no gaps. They usually represent the playfield in various games.
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The iPhone smartphone designed by Apple Inc. The first iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007. The iPhone runs on the iOS platform and can download and install applications from the iTunes app store…